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Get reasonable hourly rates and low flat fees.
Legal Secretary

Hourly Rates for Legal Services. We charge hourly fees based on quarter-hour increments for attorney and paralegal time in litigation and transactional matters when the work involved cannot be predicted with reasonable certainty. The basic hourly rate for attorney services (out of court) is $275.00.  The basic hourly rate for paralegal services is $150.00. Our rates for these services have not changed since 2021. Because we have limited support staff, our attorney performs many paralegal and clerical services herself, but those services are not billed at the hourly rate for attorney services. For example, if our attorney performs paralegal services such as searching titles online or creating exhibits for trial, they are billed at the paralegal rate. Time spent performing clerical service, such as formatting and printing documents, is not billed to clients.

Flat Fees for Standard Legal Services.  Real estate, business organization, and estate planning services often involve fairly standard transactions for which the time required can be estimated with reasonable certainty. We offer these standard services at flat fee rates, regardless of  the amount of time required. Our flat fee rates for these services are set on January 1st of each year and fluctuate up or down as we gain experience in these matters. 



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